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The Girl

23 – Young – Graduate Business Girl
I am a driven girl, looking for its place on earth. Growing up in Germany, moved to New York and Guadalajara for periods, and always looking for a new adventure. I worked in New York, Düsseldorf and Cologne.
Wanderlust & Creativity: Looking for new adventures started at a very young age of 16, with a trip to London on my own. Right after high school, I moved to New York City to spend my summer working. With fulfilling my semester abroad in college, I moved to Guadalajara, a city in Mexico. The times abroad always fuel me up with creativity, and the desire to travel even more. This is the main purpose of my blog, be part of my journey.
Graduate Business Student: I also have a high interest in the digital change right now, I am always informed about latest trends in the field of social media, and keep myself up to date while being focused on the core. My key area is the digital transformation, and how a company can take action to position their brand in the digital world. Therefore I wrote my so far biggest work, my bachelor thesis, on the topic of the messaging app Snapchat, and its potential influences on customers.

I am a very goal-oriented person, as I noticed in my previous work experiences. I have the desire to finish what I start, in very good quality and even more in an efficient time frame. I always worked in companies where tasks had to be fulfilled in a short amount of time, therefore I am able to understand quickly what is expected, and can develop new ideas to form the result.