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I tried stand up paddling for the first time…

A little fitness review

While diving and sunbathing is simple not enough for me i tried stand up paddling for the first time. #alwayslookingforanadventure Maldives

After a brief explanation of the maledivian water club, which basically just included “swim if you’re not able to paddle any longer”, i went on the water.

I have to say, this was my most intense work out during my stay at finolhu, even though I used the fitness facilities on the island. I needed some time to get into the direction i wanted to go, but its the perfect opportunity to be on the water, and do some serious exercising! And in the moment you get to hot, which is obviously very likely to happen, you can get into the cold fresh ocean for a dip!

Standup paddling

Girl on a paddle board

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