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Review of the last weeks

I took the picture above during an evening, its the view of my room, and Guadajaras beautiful skyline, which we can experience almost every day.

I did not publish a written post for a long time, there was simply no time to do so.

So I decided to sum the last weeks up into one article.

As you see we’ve visited a lot of different places during semana i with tec! I posted a lot of pictures, but never talked about how amazing this week was. We saw a lot of historical places, like Monte Alban, Mitla in Oaxaca, Puebla and Mexico City.
We also visited the biggest tree on earth, and i really ate a worm, and a grashopper.. 🙂

A few weekends ago a few friends and I decided to go for a hike, in Barranca de Huentitan, very very close to Guadalajara. It felt like an escape from our daily life, and i never expected it to be so beautiful. A lot of people come there for sports, because the hike is quite extrem, without any kind of regular training/sport i would not recommend it.

A weekend later we experienced what its like if you are waiting for the strongest hurricane ever measured #Patricia .. University was evacuated, and we were advised to stay at home, and prepare in case energy and water would be affected. But in the end We just faced heavy rain, and wind, because Patricia weakend very quickly during landfall.


The next weeks will not be as exciting as the lasts, because we are coming to an end of the semester (5 weeks left). After the semester I will leave Mexico, and travel in the United States, but i will keep you posted on that for sure!
xx mona

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