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Juice It!

Fresh Orange Juice

A fresh orange or a fresh orange juice is literally one of the best things to have for your breakfast, it will boost your mood and will be good for your health. This post will provide you with a recipe and potential health benefits.


Orange juice can boost your immune system, during your daily health routine, or if you’re suffering a bad cold and it can also detox your system. Since oranges are rich in citrates, it can prevent you of the formation of stones in your kidney, but furthermore can reduce your blood pressure.



  • 3 pounds of juice oranges
  • Juicer

The recipe of fresh orange juice is self-explaining. Put the oranges in your juicer and fill the juice into a bottle. I am using an old fashioned braun citromatic juicer. You can store the juice in the fridge for a few days, and enjoy your fresh orange juice, which won’t be loaded extra sugar or any other ingredients you would find in a juice bought in a store.


Try it for yourself and boost your mood!




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