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Mexico – a review of the first weeks 🇲🇽

I don’t even know for how long i am here, because time is running since my arrival.

The first weeks were exhausting, and still every day is a great new adventure. Life in Mexico is in a different way amazing & Guadalajara became home pretty fast, mostly because of our wonderful house, people i met and all different places we visited.

If you a following my blog, and my pictures, you notice that we went to Chapala at our first weekend. Chapala is located at one of Mexicos largest lakes, and only 45 minutes from Guadalajara.

We spend the following weekend at Puerto Vallarta, with all international students from Tec. On Saturday a friend of mine and my went to a beach called Yelapa, it is only access-able via water taxi. The ride and the time at that beach was amazing, definetly one of the Most beautiful sceneries. At the time we arrived back at the hotel, we dressed up and went to party at Mandala. A club i have never experienced before! Open doors to the sea, incredible music and a lovely atmosphere among us students.


After the weekend students life hit us. The study system in Mexico is the complete opposite to Germany. Presentations, Homework and a lot of self study at home.

Two weeks ago we went to a beach festival at playa mayo (a place without any cell phone service) and the famous hidden beaches (islas marietas).

Playa mayto, despite a lot of drunk people, was incredible. During the day we were lying in the sand or taking a quick swim in the ocean. In the night we partied, and on the way back to our tents (with ocean view on the sand) you were able to watch a sky full of stars. Due to the fact that it was far away from civilisation the sky was as dark as i never experienced before, and the stars were even brighter.

So far so good

xx, mona 💗

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